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Masonry Grill Opening at 120 Commercial

September 4, 2019

If you traveled by horse-drawn carriage or early cars in the late 1800s down historic Commercial Street, you could enjoy a night out at the Reed Opera House or wander through a variety of parks and gardens. You may have seen markets, small hotels and a stable located at what is now 120 Commercial.

Over a century and a half later, the 120 Commercial building still stands and is being restored and revived. An experienced entrepreneur, Melissa Mason, will be the first tenant to bring life back into the dynamic building with a new restaurant, Masonry Grill.

120 Commercial has been known to Salem residents as the site of Chicago Pizza, Alessandro’s and Spaghetti Warehouse. The building needed both cosmetic and structural repairs. Scott Chernoff and his team at Cumberland Holdings LLC, a west coast property development firm, saw the potential in the historic building. In March 2018, they closed a deal to acquire 120 Commercial and The Reed and the rest is history.

After a year of renovation and massive improvements, the building received a complete facelift. The once underappreciated property is now evolving into a stunning combination of old and new, as historic beams, bricks and framework are married with modern amenities and state-of-the-art construction.

Mason has 25 years of experience in business operations and leadership. She began her business career with Northrop Grumman, a Fortune 100 company, where she focused on business management and development. She has a history of starting and maintaining successful businesses like Tangled Ends Hair Academy and Salon 124.

“Starting Masonry Grill has been a dream of ours,” said Mason. “We believe that our exceptional food and service we will be a strong contributor to the energy of downtown Salem.”

Masonry Grill, slated to open in early fall, will feature indoor and outdoor seating, house cocktails and creative decor; joining an ever-growing downtown scene. The Head chef, Samuel Woodward, a graduate of the prestigious Western Culinary Institute, will draw on more than 26 years of restaurant and operations experience to craft a high-quality menu complete with seasonal dishes and alcohol pairings. Committed to fresh, quality food, the restaurant will make most dressings, sauces and desserts in-house.

Masonry Grill adds to the bright future of downtown Salem. The restaurant is on track to open in the fall.